1155 E Country Rd

Fruit Heights, UT 84037





We don't call it

'Pet Boarding'

You have a Problem:

The Solution:

Dogs and owners love us (lots of them).

We create an environment to keep all dogs happy and safe.

Every pet is like our own as you can see in the pictures below.

You want your dog to be safe and happy

and not cooped up while you are away.

A half-acre of play area with a Dog Loving Family!!

Your baby will never be kept in a small pen for hours.

We specialize in working with timid, shy, previously abused, or scared dogs.

We have helped re-home several and saved many more.

We will not work with aggressive pets.

If your dog is aggressive we can give you some guidelines to help.

Paw Outline Illustration

Doggie 'Play-Care' and Sleepover Details

We have this and more:

  • Half-acre yard
  • Fully fenced - 6 foot high
  • Doggy door
  • Above ground pool and play pool
  • Lots of grass
  • Lots of shade and water
  • Trampoline (dogs love it)
  • Many dog toys
  • Many visits from our nieces and nephews

(dogs our children own)

  • We send lots of photos/videos

Maximum # of dogs?

We may take fewer, depending on:

  • type of dogs
  • special needs
  • types of service
  • attitudes (the dogs, not ours)
  • the weather

We like to have an initial "Smell-Test" to ensure we all agree it is best for the dog


Play-Care...............$30 / day

Sleepover..............$35 / day

Additional dogs....$ 5 / day discount

Holidays.................$ 5 / day per pet

Additional Charges for ‘in tact’ adults


Bath, brushing. $15+

Haircuts (includes bath)

Small. $35

Medium $50

Large please ask

Dog size, mats, sores, dirt, etc. increase the price

Nails and removing ear hair are always included

Aspen - Before and After

Bone Outline Illustration

Policy & Guidelines

- Must provide all contact information

- Dog must be at least 2 months old

- Vaccinations must be up-to-date and dog must be free of fleas, ticks, and lice

- Not showing any illness (coughing, sneezing, other flu-like symptoms, etc.)

- No open wounds unless still in cone from a veterinarian

- Must notify us of special needs including allergy and medication needs

- Must have a collar with a name tag, and must let us know if they are chipped

- There may be an extra charge for large dogs, young ones, or "un-fixed"

- We specialize in timid, shy, or scared dogs but will not work with aggressive ones

- Bring food and/or treats, especially for any overnight stays

- Bring any specific toys, blankets, etc.

- Do not bring any dog dishes, we have plenty

- Most of the time we have kennels available for overnight, but you may bring your own

Many smaller dogs actually sleep with us with your approval

Text or email to get started: 801-725-9992 cathyanneredford@yahoo.com

Paw Outline Illustration

About Us

We Love Dogs!!

We have owned many dogs and spent a lot of time learning about dog behavior.

Our entire team has been through extensive dog training.

We currently have two cocker spaniels, 'our boys,' that we use as our barometer with other dogs.

Of the hundreds of dogs we have cared for, our boys get along with all of them.

Our families currently own 11 dogs. One son abandoned us and owns a cat, true forgiveness is pending.

There are five of us that are involved to a greater or lesser extent with the business. All are well-trained and love dogs.

Some of the dogs we have owned:

English Springer Spaniel, Blue Healer, Samoyed, Vizla-Lab mix, Border Collie – Husky mix, Scottie, Samoyed – Malmute mix, Lhasa-Apso, Cocker Spaniels (3), Cockapoo, King Charles Cavalier, German Shorthair, Mountain Cur, Bug (Boston Terrier-Pug), Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Pug, Shih Tzu, and our all-time favorite, our 105 lb golden-cream Golden Retriever, Nala. Yeah, we know, that is a lot of dogs.

Cathy spends way too much time looking at websites and shelters looking at other dogs. She and Sammy donate time to take shelter animals for a ‘break.’ They pick them up at the local shelter, drive them around, give them treats, take them for walks… It is healing for the dogs and for them.

We are constantly finding better ways to entertain, train, and be mentors for dogs and owners.

We love any feedback you have to help us improve.

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The one who started it all

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Chief Helper

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Training Master

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Happiness Creator

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"Guidance" Counselor

A Few of our Buddies